Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Miniature feathers the wind sends to flight,
Eddying currents of down purest white.
Pinions and plumes, softly downward they flow
O, to be flying with the feathery snow!

Red-breasted Robin dare not show his beak;
The Winter Wind howls in a great noisome shriek.
But the snow gently flutters down quite softly still,
Giving Earth a down blanket to keep her from chill.

Crocuses dormant in Earth's womb, they pine
To stretch out their tendrils in brilliant sunshine.
Yet even the lyre of Orpheus fair
Can budge not the grip of this frozen air.

Dark secrets are hidden in this forest deep;
Powerful forces have put them to sleep
In silence of winter.  The muffle of snow
For now hides a mystery no man should know.


  1. I like this. Your a good writer/poem finder, depending on if you wrote it or just found it!! lol

  2. If you wrote this yourself you a very tallented

  3. awesome poem! *-*

  4. this sort or reminds me of novel i am in the middle of, has the same flavor